Dec 24, 2009

Upgrade memory, get maximum performance

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The same basic rules apply for upgrading the memory in a laptop. In fact, most laptops typically have a slower hard drive speed than the average desktop; 5400rpm for laptops versus 7200 for desktops. So, if you have constant heavy page file usage on your laptop, this can cause a level of input/output activity, called thrashing. Thrashing greatly reduces performance. Hard drive thrashing can cause stutter in video playback, game or application lag, slow page loads, and many other undesirable effects. A memory upgrade is one of the most effective laptop upgrades.

Laptops have 2 memory slots due to size and space restrictions. And, the same rule of adding matched modules should be applied which means the user will have the original memory left over after the upgrade. Regardless, the performance benefits are worth it as much if not more than with a desktop.
Corsair laptop memory is offered in 1GB (single SODIMM), 2GB (2 x 1GB SODIMMs) and 4GB (2 x 2GB SODIMMs) kits. So, users should also keep the 64bit OS option in mind when selecting the 4GB kits. However, even those users selecting 4GB with a 32bit OS will benefit from the increased memory just like a desktop user. Especially for Mac memory, Mac laptop has speciall hardware. In standard Mac laptop, you don't need to upgrade anyway.

Suka dengan tulisan ini?

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